Construction activities

Indicative locations of construction activities, construction traffic routes and access points are shown on the map with additional information included in the annotations.

The preferred access arrangement is shown on the image below:

Details about the construction of the transfer tunnel and associated shafts are shown on the image below:

Construction timeline

During construction of the proposed WWTP the existing Cambridge WWTP and existing Waterbeach WRC would remain in operation under their current discharge permits. There would be a planned transition period between the existing Cambridge WWTP and proposed relocated WWTP.

The earliest construction is expected to start is 2024 with the Waterbeach pipeline works. The proposed WWTP is planned to be fully operational in 2028.

Construction PhaseDurationStartEnd
Waterbeach works (including enabling works & mobilisation)9 monthsApr-2024Dec-2024
Enabling works & mobilisation for non-Waterbeach elements3.5 monthsAug-2024Nov-2024
Water Recycling Centre including water testing and dry commissioning31 monthsOct-2024Mar-2027
Sludge Treatment Centre including water testing and dry commissioning19 monthsNov-2024Jun-2026
Wet Commissioning5.5 monthsMay-2027Feb-2028
Transfer Tunnel18 monthsNov-2024Jun-2026
Final Effluent Main14 monthsJul-2025Aug-2026
De-Commissioning existing plant8 monthsOct-2027Mar-2028